Engineering Services

Engineering Services for All Project Stages

From mechanical, civil, structural and environmental services to electrical and integration services, FA Engineering offers engineering services for all project stages (including construction) resulting in creative solutions to industrial challenges. Each project includes preliminary studies, cost estimates and reports, investigation and design of repair, as-built documentation, start-up assistance, and technical audits to ensure projects meet all specifications and budgetary requirements. Each client is provided access to our secure client portal to quickly view all project documents. Explore more about our capabilities below.

Mechanical Engineering

Focus on project ROI when dealing with challenging mechanical devices and systems. We make a dedicated effort to understand project issues and develop viable recommendations.

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Civil / Structural Engineering

Maximizing project ROI when faced with industrial structural issues. We work as a team with clients to completely understand the challenges and offer well thought out solutions.

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Environmental Engineering

Forward-looking solutions to environmental problems with a focus on optimizing ROI for small, large and complex projects.

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Electrical / Integration

Focused on concept through implementation for industrial projects, as well as the integration of process and power automation into the plant control system.

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3D Scanning

Scanning allows us to rapidly create a 3D model which we use to verify dimensions and to eliminate interferences with existing equipment/structures.

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Surveying and Construction Layout

Total stations are invaluable tools that greatly enhance productivity and accuracy in the construction layout process.

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