Surveying and Construction Layout

Total stations are invaluable tools that greatly enhance productivity and accuracy in the construction layout process. They simplify and expedite the execution of construction layout tasks, resulting in a significant reduction in time while maintaining a high level of precision. This streamlined process has a positive impact on the overall efficiency of the project. We have the newest up to date GPS equipment.

The benefits offered by Total Stations capabilities rely on the ability to input precise coordinates directly from BIM models or 2D drawings. These coordinates are then utilized on the construction site to carry out an exceptionally precise project layout, all accomplished by our experienced team.

Services Offered:

Boundary Surveys

Our land surveying services include accurate determination and marking of property boundaries along with boundary line adjustments.

Topographic Surveys

We conduct detailed topographic surveys to capture the natural and man-made features of the land, providing essential information for engineering, design, and construction projects.


Our surveyors are well-versed in conducting ALTA/NSPS surveys, adhering to industry standards and providing comprehensive information on property boundaries, easements, encroachments and other crucial details.

Construction Layout

We assist in the precise layout of structures, roads, utilities and other elements on construction sites, ensuring alignment with design plans and facilitating smooth project execution.

Subdivision Surveys

Our expertise extends to subdivision surveys, accurately dividing large tracts of land into smaller lots, and providing necessary documentation for legal purposes and property sales.

Elevation Certificates

We can help determine and document the elevation of structures in relation to flood zones, aiding in compliance with insurance requirements and government regulations.

As-Built Surveys

Our team conducts as-built surveys to verify and document the location and dimensions of constructed features and improvements, ensuring accurate record-keeping and facilitating future maintenance or modifications.

Municipal Services

Easement Vacation, Right-of-way Vacation, Right-of-way Dedication, Zone Changes, and Annexations.

Surveying and Construction Layout

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